Do you miss the 80's and wish that it had never gone away? Do you long back to the days when radio played real music? Do you miss the days of mullets, pink 'n' fluffy keyboards and driving along the beach with your friends while cranking the latest Journey hit? Then you've come to the right place.


Kim´s Island of Rock is my website dedicated to all things AOR, melodic rock and hard rock from the 80's and onward. Here you will find album reviews, live reviews, pictures, an extensive historical summary of the AOR genre and much more.

Please note that while you will also find reviews of new albums and artists the site is primarily dedicated to the great and forgotten bands of the past, something which has always been a special interest of mine.

For example, check out the Band Pictures archive, discover 'undiscovered' underground classics in the Rarities secition or browse through the videos section to see some of the rarest and best AOR videos from the genre's glory days.


If you like what you see and hear here or has any comments or suggestions please write a note in the guestbook or shoot me a message using the contact form below. Band's that want their music reviewed (note: only melodic rock/AOR and related genres) may also contact me although I will only review music that I find suitable for the site.





My name is Kim Palmer and I am a 30 year old (young?) record collector and hobby musician residing in the northern parts of Europe, or to be more specific, the city of Karlstad, Sweden. On the net I also go under the alias "CD-KIMPAN" which is also the name of my YouTube channel (which, you can find by clicking on the YouTube icon on the right hand side).

I am also a writer for the online Swedish AOR magazine Planet AOR and co-editor of the Facebook webzine Westcoast Dream Cruiser.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife, going for long walks and of course, listening to music and going to concerts.




















Me together with BALANCE after their exlusive re-union show in Linkoping, Sweden in late summer of 2014.

From left to right: Peppy Castro, me, Doug Katsaros, Bob Kulick







Not unusually, I started out listening to heavier stuff but in the early 2000's I bought a Survivor record in a record shop sale, and there was no return after that. Needless to say, AOR is still my favorite genre although I'm still a huge hard rock and heavy metal fan as well. I like big productions and music with lot's of melody, so everything from the softest westcoast to the hardest thrash metal will get my juices flowing.

I am a busy concert visitor with hundreds of gigs in the backpack, including 10 visits to the well renowned Sweden Rock Festival. A list of my top 5 gigs would probably include Aerosmith (SRF 2007), KISS w/ original line-up (Stockholm, 2000), Rick Springfield (SRF 2010), Iron Maiden (Stockholm 2000) and REO Speedwagon (SRF 2007).

As for favorite bands and artists I refer you elsewhere on the site, at least when it comes to AOR and it's related genres.

If we talk about hard rock and heavy metal, some of my absolute favorite bands include AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Metallica, KISS, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Scorpions and Dokken, but the list is endless.


Last but not least... please enjoy your stay on the site. I hope it gives you some value, and if you're already an out-and-out AOR listener, maybe even some new discoveries. At least that's my ambition.











Use this form for any inquiries regarding the site or if you have other comments or questions. You can also e-mail directly to cdkimpan@gmail.com.



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