Shy Talk formed 1981 in Manchester, England under the name Motivation by bassist Steve Garvey who had previously been a member of punk rock/power pop pioneers Buzzcocks. Other members were Dave Rowbotham (guitar), Snuff (drums) and Dave Price (vocals) who all had backgrounds within different bands in the Manchester scene.


In 1983 Garvey and Price moved to New York and managed to secure a deal with Columbia Records and after changing their name to Shy Talk the band released their one and only album in 1985.

At this time the line-up consisted of Dave Price (vocals), Michael Nehra (guitars), Phil Garmyn (bass), David Bravo (keyboards) and John Morelli (drums). Steve Garvey did not perform on the album although he co-wrote several of the album's songs and is thanked in the album credits.

Two singles were released from the album, "She Was Always On Time (Not Anymore)" and "Excuse Me", of which the latter also had a video that got some MTV play in the fall of '85.

Shy Talk disbanded not long after the album release and the members went on to other things, with Steve Garvey reforming Buzzcocks in 1989.


The music on Shy Talk's only album was a well-crafted mix of power pop, new wave and high-tech AOR, with an emphasis on the latter, containing strong pop melodies, good musicianship and catchy choruses all topped off by the excellent lead vocals of Dave Price. The sound was totally right for the time, often treading that fine line between pop and AOR so common for the era and made popular by such bands as The Metros, The Arrows and Jakata, making the album a must have for anyone into the genre or any of the mentioned acts.


30 years on, the album has yet to see a re-release on CD but the LP is still easily obtainable and can be found online at a cheap price.








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