Life By Night was a short lived and typical mid 80's pop-rock act based in Los Angeles, CA. They released one self-titled album in 1985 on the EMI/Manhattan label and disbanded not long after with the members moving on to various other bands.

Frontman Tom Croucier had an intresting background partly because of being an early member of glam rockers Dokken but also because of being the brother of Ratt bassist Juan Croucier (who, ironically, also had a short stint with Dokken in the late 1970´s).

The other members were Jeff Naideau (keyboards, guitar), Kevin Anderson (keyboards), Stuart Mathis (guitar) and Bryan Hitt (drums).


Very typical for it's time, the record featured a well-produced pop rock sound combining the many different influences (new wave, AOR, synthpop and so on) of it's time to fine effect. One of the album's highlights was the melancholic "Phone To Phone" which was released both as single and video, but other tracks like the more upbeat "Non Stop World" and "Angel" also showed that the band could compete with the finest high-tech AOR acts of the day like A=440, Cats Can Fly or Shy Talk.


After the album Stuart Mathis moved on to join Australian/US pop-rockers The City while Jeff Naideau joined Quiet Riot as a keyboard player on their 1986 Japan tour. Drummer Bryan Hitt went on to play with several artists and bands including Stan Bush and from 1989 to present has been the drummer of AOR legends REO Speedwagon.













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