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Pretty Wild is the latest in a long row of quality young melodic rock acts to emerge from Sweden, or to be specific, the city of Malmo (home to Crazy Lixx and Nasty Idols, among others).

Their first full-length CD is pure unadulterated melodic rock with a sleaze/glam twist (or should that be the other way around) and a love decleration to a genre that had it’s heydays in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but has seen a revival in the last 5-10 years. A revival in which Sweden has pretty much been in the fore front.

Here we are given 14 well produced tracks that reeks with attitude and the kind of energy that only a young hungry band can possess. Musically and lyrically, Pretty Wild move within the same space occupied by the likes of Crashdïet, Dynazty and australian rockers De La Cruz – in other words, bands with a solid glam/sleaze foundation that also recognizes the importance of melody and not just image and attitude.


To be clear, Pretty Wild still has a way to go to reach the level of their aforementioned counterparts, but tracks like Troubled Water, Come On Tonight and Pretty Wild definitely show that the potential is there. The ballad High Enough is another highlight, with the main chorus line “can you take me high enough…” sending the thoughts to the classic Damn Yankees hit, but the track that does it the most for me has to be Ready To Go, a full blown melodic rock monster that would not be out of place on a H.E.A.T. album.


All in all, a promising debut, and if you enjoy any of the aforementioned bands, a release that will drive you if not very, then at least pretty wild.




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