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Named after lead singer B.E. Taylor (William Edward Taylor), this american band formed in the early 80's and went on to release three albums: "Innermission" (1982), "Love Won The Fight" (1983) and "Our World" (1986). Their biggest hit was a song called "Vitamin L", which also had a video on MTV. After their last studio album, B.E. Taylor went on to become a solo artist, releasing several albums. He is still active today, touring, recording and involved in various music projects.


Having now heard all B.E. TAYLOR GROUP albums, including the rare 1984 EP "Life Goes On", I can only say that they are all worthwhile for anyone with an intrest in 80's pop rock/AOR. While they have some amazing songs, what really make this band stand out for me is the excellent vocals of B.E. Taylor. Think Steve

Perry crossed with Michael Bolton, and you get a pretty good picture of what this guy sounds like.


I decided to review the third and final album B.E. TAYLOR GROUP album, "Our World", because I believe it's their best work. This record sees the band move away from the pop-rock/AOR sounds heard on the first two albums, mainly focusing on straight-forward 80’s AOR. Musically, the JOURNEY/MICHAEL BOLTON (early) reference is inevitable, especially considering Taylor’s vocals, but you can also hear similarities to the likes of AVIATOR, FOREIGNER, and VAN STEPHENSON in the sound.


I won't mention every song on this album, but overall there are no weak moments here. Check out "The Fire's Gone", which has a strong Aviator-vibe, the infectious and poppy "Question of Love" or "Take Me To Your Heart" for near-perfect examples of 80's AOR! "Girl In The Know" is another highlight - why wasn't this an MTV hit back in the day? "Reagge Rock 'n' Roll" seems out of place stylewise on the album, but is a fun and enjoyable track nevertheless. Another favourite is the album closer "Karen", a semi-ballad that could have been a lost Michael Bolton track, with B.E. sounding as equal to the pop icon as ever.


In summary, an excellent AOR album that is certainly up there with some of the more well-known classics. Unfortunately "Our World" has never been released officially on CD. Unless you want to pay big bucks for the japanse bootleg, search it out on LP or just download it.



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