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Most of our readers will be familiar with the name Robbie LaBlanc. Undoubtely one of the more underrated AOR singers out there, the american has been involved in many projects and bands over the years, perhaps most notably the excellent Find Me (with two albums out on Frontiers) and Blanc Faces, together with his brother Brian LaBlanc.


In the mid 80’s, the two brothers had another band called Fury, that released one album on the tiny “New York Music Company” label in 1985. Previously only available on vinyl, the album now finally gets it first official CD release as part of Primo Bonali‘s new “LOST US JEWELS” series. Having known and been a fan of this album for well over 10 years, I can only thank him and the fine folks at Steelheart Records for picking it up and giving it a well deserved digital remastering treatment.


As for the music, Fury´s one and only album can only be described as classic AOR at it’s very best, chock full of melodic, hookladen anthems, steeped in the finest 80’s tradition. Both "Keep On Dreamin’" and "In Her Arms" had videos that received some airplay on MTV, and are two of the definitive highlights here, although stuff like "Fast Girl", "She Don’t Know" and "Sorry To Say" are also essential AOR listening. Comparisations to similar acts of the day could be made to everyone from I-Ten and Preview to Beau Coup and Franke & The Knockouts, while a group like Bricklin is probably a good reference point for some of the album´s poppier material.


Robbie LaBlanc really shines throughout the album and as much as I love his stuff with Find Me and Blanc Faces, I believe Fury could very well be his definitive work. At least that’s what the 80’s fanatic in me wants to say.


Whatever the case, Fury´s self titled is still a must have in every self respecting AOR fan’s collection and should be on the top of your to-buy list. Strictly limited to 500 copies, my advice is to go and grab yourself a copy before they run out.




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