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DREAMER is a California-based AOR-band from early 80's who's one and only release was a self-titled 4-track EP, a record which for a long time has been a sought after rarity amongst AOR collectors. The newly established AOR-FM record label has now unearthed 10 additional DREAMER songs that were recorded after the EP release in 1982, and never released in any format. "We've Got The Power" is a compilation of these songs plus the mega rare Dreamer EP. For the first time these tracks see the light of day on CD, in a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies.


This is the first time I buy something from this label, but it will certainly not be the last. The packaging and artwork is excellent and inside the booklet there's cool stuff like a band biography and rare photos. As one would expect, the sound quality is not

excellent, but considering most of these songs are demo recordings from the early 80's it could certainly have been worse.


Regarding the music, this is almost as close to pure early 80's AOR you can get. Opener "One In A Million" is an excellent pompous AOR track with a super-catchy chorus, reminiscent of LE ROUX, THRILLS, CHEATER and similar top-notch pomp/AOR bands from the early 80's. "UFO Connection" continues in the same style, while "Queen" and "We've Got The Power" are more hardrock-oriented, but still very good. Next track "Don't Wanna Make You Cry" is a typical AOR ballad and a very good one at that too.


Continuing on we have two classic AOR rockers in "Really Wanna See You" and "Playing With The Devil", both of which should please any fan of bands like SURVIVOR, LOVERBOY, SUGARCREEK or the aforementioned CHEATER. The following 4 tracks are taken from the rare Dreamer EP, and what an EP it is! No weak track, just classic keyboard-driven AOR all the way. Listen for instance to the instantly catchy "Cheap Shot Lovers" or the beautiful ballad "Journey To Romance" and you'll be in AOR heaven, guaranteed!


Closing the album are another 3 demo recordings of which the LE ROUX-like "Heart To Heart" stands out as a highlight. The sound quality of these tracks are not really up to par with the rest of the album, but when the songs are this good, who cares.


Well, I don't have enough good things to say about this CD. It's a shame this band never released a "real" album, because this is almost as good as it gets when it comes to 80's AOR and melodic rock. If you love bands like SURVIVOR, LE ROUX, CHEATER, USA, THRILLS, WRABIT, LOVERBOY, etc, then DREAMER should be in your collection. But enough namedropping, I think you get my point: THIS IS GOOD!



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