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Here’s another exciting new band from Sweden to keep a lookout for, at least if you love classic scandi-AOR done with class (and let’s face it, who doesn’t). Every since I was played the fantastic "Cassandra" a while back these guys has been on my radar, and I’m happy to say this debut 4-track EP doesn’t dissapoint. Even if these guys doesn’t necessarily have an unique sound, there’s a freshness about these songs that is hard to ignore. Really, the whole EP is an excellent excerise in solid AOR songwriting accompanied by stellar musicianship and a brilliant production courtesy of Erik & Anders Wigelius (of Wigelius fame). The Kenny Leckremo-esque vocals of Calle Schönberg is another strong point, making some of these tracks sound so much like late 00’s H.E.A.T it’s almost ridiculous. (and coming from a huge fan of that band, that is of course to be taken as a compliment).


To be honest, I can’t really fault these guys in any area, as this is solid stuff through and through and a must hear for any fan of the genre. The good news is, the band have signed a deal with AOR Heaven and is currently working on their first full-length album due out later in 2014. Something you’ll be hearing more about on these very pages, I’m sure.





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